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MONSTROWEEN 2023 is coming!

Follow this years Halloween drawing prompts on Instagram and Facebook At @davidhartmanart

Join in on the fun drawing monster prompts throughout the month of October with horror illustrator/filmmaker David Hartman! Each halloween season David comes up with weird and outrageous prompts for you to draw! Grave-robbing yetis! TarantuLA-LA-LA! Gutz the Clown! and more odd creatures in the vein of grind house B-Moviem monsters!

The prompts are usually announced on socials the last week of September so be on the lookout and join in on the fun!


At the end of each Monstroween, David releases a book of that years drawings, check the links below for previous years books including 31 drawings for each day of the month in full color and only $10 each!


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